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Enter the World of Ballroom DanceEnter the World of Ballroom Dance


Learning to dance for your Wedding is a heart warming and special gift that you and your life partner will give to each other. A couple who feels confident and poised when they perform their first wedding dance together will ensure a memory that will be cherished and last a lifetime. 

Your instructor will provide expert advice and guidance to develop your dancing and create a choreographed routine (simple or complicated) catered to your individual character and your chosen song.

Learn to dance for your father/daughter, your mother/son, and your wedding party to expand the experience and make your wedding a memorable day for everyone!

Congratulations to the following couples (See Photo Gallery):


Couples Postponed their dates due to COVID-19


Davinder and Ravender, Wedding, March 15, 2019, "Dhadak" by Ajay Gogavale & Shreye Ghoshal

Lukas and Mariam, Wedding, May 4, 2019, "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran

Alexander and Kelly, Wedding, May 4, 2019, “Something Just Like This” by the Chainsmokers, Coldplay

Victor and Michelle, Wedding, May 18, 2019, "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones

Hassan and Mariam, Wedding, July 3, 2019, "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran

Ryan and Anika, Wedding, July 13, 2019, "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

Helder and Catarina, Wedding, July 18, 2019, "Porque Queramos Versos" by Vanesa Martin and Matias Damásio

Daniel and Ashley, Wedding, July 27, 2019, "At Last" by Beyonce

Kevin and Amy, Wedding, September 1, 2019, "Good To You" by Marianas Trench

Andy and Justyna, Wedding, September 28, 2019

Lou and Debra, Daughters Wedding, September 28, 2019

Carlos and Angela, Father/Daughter, September 28, 2019, "I Loved Her First" by Heartland

Rafael and Catharina, Wedding, October 12, 2019, "Back at One" by Brian McKnight

Ange and Paula, Wedding, October 19, 2019, "Holy" by Florida Georgia Lines and "Danza Kudura" by Don Omar


Ross and Angela, Wedding, June 1, 2018, "Perfect/Can't Help Falling in Love" by Btwn Us 

Jeff and Diana, Wedding, July 7, 2018, "When I Fall In Love" by Nat King Cole

Ivan and Chay, Wedding, July 21, 2018, "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

James and Emily, Wedding, September 23, 2018, "The Girl" by City and Colour

Adrian and Marcella, Wedding, September 29, 2018, "Perfect/Can't Help Falling in Love" by Joey Stamper

Greg and Nicole, Wedding, October 6, 2018, "At Last" by Etta James

Dennis and Elizabeth, Mother/Son, October 13, 2018, "It's a Small World" by We Love Disney

Michael and Julia, Wedding, October 20, 2018, "We Belong Together" by Los Lobos


A Cotillion is a special and exciting event for a young lady and her entire family and close friends. Whether you decide to choreograph a simple or elaborate dance, once again, your knowledgeable instructor will provide you and your group with expert advice and guidance. Be prepared to have fun and learn to dance for your once in a lifetime Cotillion!

DJ Services

For your Wedding or Cotillion or any event. DJ Services are available specializing in Ballroom & Latin music as well as other popular genres. An on-site Group Lesson and/or Dance Demonstration is also available.  

My Advice and Reminder

Please accept my word of advice; contact me at least 6 months before your special day!

Assistance and guidance is available between your private lessons and even after your wedding or Cotillion!

Make Up & Body Painting

Your special day should showcase your beauty. A make up or body painting session with a professional Make Up Artist will highlight your beauty and brighten the entire day. Have a wedding with a theme?

For more information or to reserve or to discuss more options for your special day, click Contact Me and let's get started!

Enter the World of Ballroom Dance