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Enter the World of Ballroom DanceEnter the World of Ballroom Dance

About Me

I have been dancing approximately twenty years and as an Instructor for over fifteen years. I had a desire to learn Ballet while I was playing Sports in High School. I decided to concentrate on Sports and Kung Fu instead. I studied Coaching Methods and Theory through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and the Competency Based Education and Training Model (CBET). Along with Ballroom Dance Instruction, I am the Head Coach of the Scarborough Fencing Club and I also coach Archery at York County Bowmen. After many years of success in Sports and Martial Arts, I decided it was time to include the Sport and Art of Ballroom Dance.

I have taught with the Arthur Murray Dance Studio and CK Dance Studio. I have participated in many Showcases with my students. I was awarded the "Top Teacher Award" in 2000. I have choreographed many routines, which includes "First Dance" routines for Wedding Couples. On many occasions, I was Master Of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey at practice parties and many special Ballroom Dance events and Showcases. I am a Pro/Am competitor and member of the Canadian Dancesport Federation (CDF).

I am motivated to continue passing on my knowledge and skills to those who wish to achieve a high level of Ballroom Dance!


For me, Ballroom Dance at any level requires dedication, persistence, co-ordination, co-operation, determination, and a willingness to learn and to improve. I believe we all have "what it takes" to Ballroom Dance. Some will learn and improve quicker than others; however, everyone should take up some sort of Dance. Try Ballroom Dance! You may "Love It"!

I have spent many years learning and practising the technical aspects of Ballroom Dance. I believe strongly in the connection between Ballroom Dance and Physics, in particular, Newton's Laws of Gravity and Motion. Imagine losing your balance with someone in your arms. Therefore, we need to take into consideration the effects of gravity, momentum, inertia, and rotational and linear forces, resistance and on top of all this, remembering our steps, leading and following our partner and the music! We need to learn about music, too?

I also provide DJ services specializing in Ballroom and Latin music for dancing and competition. Along with Ballroom & Latin music, all other types of music and genres are available for your dancing, dining, and entertainment pleasure. I am a proud member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA). I operate in full compliance with all Federal Copyright Laws. All my music is licensed and legal. I also carry liability coverage to protect all parties concerned. Please click DJ Services for more information.

Ballroom Dance is fun. You will have a wonderful time learning and experimenting with the steps and the music.

I consider myself to be a Problem Solver and I strive for great Customer Service!

Sunday, July 17, 2016, We celebrated Ten Years!


Celebrating 10 YearsCelebrating 10 Years


Sunday, July 17, 2016, was my 10th year teaching private lessons and hosting the Friday group lessons and dance practices at the Continental Dance Club in Mississauga. During the ten years, I have expanded group lessons from one to three group lessons per week and my private lessons to include Woodbridge and Toronto studios.  

In the first year, the group/practice was only offered once a month and soon became every other week and eventually, every week. The adventure has been filled with a few challenges. I have learned and will continue to learn from those and future challenges and have, hopefully, improved the group/practices, along the way. 

I have also been fortunate to enjoy the opportunity and responsibility to spread the magic and benefits of Ballroom & Latin Dancing to many people. I am grateful to have met some interesting and fabulous people during the past 10 years!
Enter the World of Ballroom Dance