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Enter the World of Ballroom DanceEnter the World of Ballroom Dance



Rhythm Dances

Enter the World of Ballroom DanceEnter the World of Ballroom Dance

Locations of Lessons

NOTE: Please bring with you a change of shoes especially for Ballroom & Latin dancing or non-marking soled to change into before stepping onto the dance floor. Running or court shoes would be a last resort alternative. Please refrain from wearing sandals or flip flops on the dance floor.

Private Lessons

Continental Dance Club, 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga, L4X 2B6

Ballroom on Bayview, 1578 Bayview Avenue, Suite 3, Toronto, M4G 3B7

Ciao Bella Dance Studio, 5451 Highway 7, Suite 201, Woodbridge, L4L 0B2

Group Lessons & Dance Practices

Continental Dance Club, 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga, L4X 2B6

Types of Lessons Offered

Private Lessons

Mississauga or Toronto or Woodbridge or On-Site

Private Lessons are a fantastic way to create and develop your "First Dance" for a Wedding or any other special event where you and your partner have a desire to "show off" your new dancing skills or polish dormant dancing skills or even surprise and impress your friends. Private Lessons are guided by your individual desires and goals. You may take as many Private Lessons and for as long as you wish. You may attend your Private Lessons with or without a partner. Private Lessons may commence at any time and are by appointment only. Lessons on-site are available upon request.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons are available when attention is desired for your group. They are especially suitable for 3 to 6 students, for example, Wedding, Cotillion, company event, social activity,  church function, group of friends, co-workers, or family members. Lessons on-site are available upon request.

Larger On-Site Group Lessons

On-Site Group Lessons are ideal for 7 to 20 students. As a special treat at your Wedding, school event, company function, church event, or just for fun, is a 1 hour or more, Group Lesson for your family members, friends, and guests. They will enjoy the fun and adventure of learning a chosen dance or dances and will experience the movement and interconnection with another person and the music. It is a great time filled with laughter and smiles. They could use their new skills later in the evening when the music is turned up for dancing!

Group Lessons & Dance Practices


A 1 hour Group Lesson followed by a 2 hour Dance Practice are held Friday evenings beginning at 8:00 pm. You will learn, dance, and meet new friends. Music is provided by a licensed and insured professional DJ specializing in Ballroom & Latin music. Requests are welcome and encouraged.

Here is a quick and fun way to make requests; when in attendance at any Friday evening Dance Practice or Special Event, input the following into your browser on your smartphone and instantly request your Song and/or Artist. The DJ may also respond to your request.

The Group Lessons and Dance Practices are attended by people of all levels and ages. You may attend the Group Lessons and/or Dance Practices with or without a partner. Each month will feature a different dance in the Group Lessons. Drop by and dance!

Why watch the stars do all the dancing?

Featured Dances  

January - Merengue                
February - Salsa                

March - Waltz              
April - Swing                  
May - Tango     
June - Cha Cha   
July - Argentine Tango              
August - Foxtrot                
September - Rumba                 
October - Lindy Hop           
November - Viennese Waltz
December 7 - Review, Style and Technique

December 14 - Christmas Dinner Dance

For more information or to feature your favourite dance, please click Schedule and Contact Me

Enter the World of Ballroom Dance